I have been taking lessons from Erica for a few months. She is an excellent teacher - very patient and really great at explaining different concepts. She also does an amazing job at tailoring the lessons to fit your goals and finding pieces to study that fit your taste.
— Elin
Erica is an excellent teacher. I am an adult actor who wanted to get back into musical theater. She is patient and encouraging and helped me improve my singing.
— Ingrid
The studio is super cute and cozy. I grew a lot of confidence during my lessons. She is incredibly patient and flexible. My voice has improved greatly in only a couple of months.
— Victoria
Erica helped me focus on technique that I had always overlooked. As an adult student, she made me feel very comfortable and helped me progress more than I had on my own.
— Amanda
Overall experience is above and beyond!
— Dominique
I improved tremendously with Ms.Convery and I enjoyed every single lesson. With each class I learned so much and would recommend anyone who loves singing and would like to improve their technique to go to Convery studios.
— Danielle
I love working with Erica! Prior to taking lessons from her, I had no experience singing and was absolutely terrified of it. Erica really took the time to help me identify strengths & weaknesses in my voice & helped me improve hugely! I definitely recommend her!
— Madelyn
Erica is so genuine and wants her students to be successful. She also encourages her students to think beyond just lessons and how they can apply what they learn. Erica is absolutely amazing and we feel so lucky that we connected with her as a teacher for our daughter.
— Denise
She is an amazing and knowledgeable teacher. She is really good at providing constructive feedback as well as encouragement. She has helped me gain confidence in my singing as well as improve my range and sound quality. My experience has been extremely positive, and I would recommend her to anyone interested in taking voice lessons.
— Jennie
Erika has been an AMAZING teacher! I highly recommend her! I learn a lot and she is very easy to work with. Thank you Erika!
— Emma
She had an instant connection with my granddaughter and she got a lot out of the first lesson.
— Myrna
Many thanks for giving Toriana a good solid start on playing the piano! I especially like how you taught her to break a song into smaller parts first and then put it together. Also, emphasis on polishing the song was excellent-dynamics, etc.
— Jill
Julia has really blossomed under Erica’s instruction. We truly appreciate the ways in which Erica has helped Julia develop her talent, and we are especially touched that Erica joined us today to watch Julia’s first big performance of the year. Thank you, Erica!
— Julia's mom
First free lesson was perfect to make sure that we agreed how I wanted to use my 30 minutes a week. Very friendly and professional
— Brenna
Erica Convery has been fantastic the past year. She’s patient but still has realistic expectations and is able to make learning fun. We really appreciate her talents & tact. Her caring approach makes our daughter feel like she’s has a teacher & a friend. Thanks for everything!
— Jason
I really appreciated your genuine guidance and your gift with your voice as well as authenticity. I emailed a lot of people to try and find a voice coach and you’re the only one who offered a free lesson-while it’s a simple gesture it also shows your character. Your awareness and sensitivity are gifts [and] your pure love for music for simply its existence is rare.
— Megan
Erica is a very patient and encouraging voice coach. I always leave each lesson feeling like I’ve progressed in some way; which is major considering I started not being able to exhale a “tss” for longer than 6 seconds. I’ve definitely been able to apply what I learned to my rehearsals/performances and am able to see my progress there as well. She really tailors to the student and what their goals are.
— Emery
Erica is amazing! She’s been teaching my daughter voice lessons for several months now and I’m impressed with the confidence and skill gained from the sessions. When we were researching potential voice teachers, it was important to us to have someone who majored in voice, and her degree focus in both vocal pedagogy and vocal performance has been like an extra bonus! Logistically wise, Erica has been flexible with our schedule and responsive in communications. Highly recommend!
— Teresa
I’ve loved letting my kids explore music and receive lessons from you. You are so patient and encouraging. I know Parker grew so much with you.
— Michelle